Agreement As A Gift

NPF and donors are encouraged to seek legal advice when negotiating and contracting donation instruments. A moral or moral clause is a small but important segment that you can add to your gift contracts. A moral clause is used to define certain circumstances that would be embarrassing or detrimental to an organization`s reputation and values. According to Lynne Wester, nonprofits need to protect their organizations from excessive risk. Most NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS depend on the goodwill of the public to attract donors. A close connection with someone whose name has been severely damaged can damage the nonprofit`s reputation and impair their ability to gain support. In cases where the agreement signatory is no longer living, the development manager should contact the Senior Director of Advancement Services to receive instructions on the process. To the extent possible, the university should respect the original intent. If this is not possible, the release or modification of the object of a gift is subject to Utah code 51-8-501 (Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act). and perhaps need to be approved by the Attorney General (AG) in order to be able to use the funds for other purposes….