Cisco Academy Membership Agreement

5 Academies must form the terms of their membership contract and this membership manual (including the Academy`s referenced guidelines) Instructor Instructor Training Centers (ITCs) and authorize new and current NetAcad instructors and offer the following services: Offer one year of technical assistance for NetAcad instructors, Instructors undergo training or option Instructor Fast Track (see) Creating Continuing Training (IPD) Online Instructor Resources Help Instructors NetAcad Understand the needs of training institutions programs associated with training courses that they complete with doctors who stumble with lab teachers. To qualify as an Academy support centre, institutions must commit to providing services that meet the following basic expectations: Act as the first point of contact for assisted academies that need operational support in relation to academies and course management. Including command equipment Create Consciousness and provide training to improve understanding and use of new and useful resources and tools from Cisco and NetAcad partners. Academy courses on current offerings Collaboration with academies supported to improve the quality of the Academy`s operations and teaching in Networking Academy-Courses Offer marketing support for supported academies in order to attract Academy Support Center students are also expected in collaboration with Area Academy Manager (or CSR Director) to support initiatives and projects based on regional goals and objectives. The Area Academy Manager (or CSR Manager) is a Cisco representative who is responsible for managing the Networking Academy program in a given geographic area. Academy Support Center is encouraged to offer, in addition to the core services listed above, other services that meet the basic expectations mentioned above and must comply with the terms of their membership agreement and membership guide (including the corresponding policies of the Academy Assistance Centre) Cisco and/or its related companies.