Collective Agreement Unw Gnwt

Earlier this week, the union publicly called on the region to accept arbitration and let a third party decide the terms of the new collective agreements for 4,000 government employees alongside energy group employees. To obtain collective rights for the group, labour law had to be written. With the introduction of labour legislation, the NWT Public Service Association (NWTPSA) was officially established in November 1969 as a bargaining partner (union) for most GNWT workers. In May 1970, the NWTPSA was part of the PSAC. A constituent meeting was held on 15 May in Yellowknife and negotiations began on 20 May. However, there is no indication that either side will do so – and such an agreement may require more confidence and cooperation than the two sides seemed ready to extend in recent months. « The collective bargaining process between GNWT and UNW is defined by the Public Service Act and negotiations are underway within this process, » he said in a statement released Wednesday by the territory`s government to Cabin Radio. After years of dispute that nearly led to a general strike in February, the Government of the Northwest Territories and the union, which represents about 4,000 employees, have a new collective agreement. « Negotiating a new collective agreement can be difficult under ideal conditions. The current fiscal and economic environment has been an additional challenge, » Finance Minister Robert C. McLeod said in the communication. In his report, Ready said it would be an « euphemism » to say that the negotiations are « difficult and sometimes controversial. » He said the two sides « worked hard » during the conciliation to resolve their differences, but that the discussions were « mainly met with some employment security issues, the duration of the agreement and economic increases. » « If the parties are unable to reach an agreement at the next mediation, we believe that GNWT and UNW should invite Mr.

Ready to make recommendations to the parties to resolve the outstanding issues. » The union did not give an interview on the agreement, but on Monday CBC received a memo on the union`s letter to its membership. It says, « There are a few areas where the union needs clarification, » without specifying what those areas are. The region stated that it would participate in mediation on 8 and 9 February « with the sole aim of concluding a new collective agreement ». Stewart also said the government would check how negotiations failed to improve their process in two years – the next time the collective agreement is under discussion. The memo also stated that a meeting of members would be held in the « coming weeks » to discuss the agreement. The government has now received Ready`s report and says it will form with the Northern Workers Union to « discuss the implementation of the new collective agreement. » Employees receive a lump sum payment to reflect the 2018 pay increase, although Stewart said the government would always determine how much each employee would receive and when he would receive it. The audacious climax refers to the changes to the previous collective agreement. On Wednesday, GNWT said it hoped to achieve the same outcome as conciliation through a mediation process that both sides have already begun and is expected to continue next month. The region said it wanted mediator Vince Ready to make recommendations to resolve the outstanding issues, which both sides could then follow.