Educational Services Agreement Sample

A. Exclusive agreement. This agreement replaces and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between the College and FIT. F. Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the services provided and compensation for those services. The Academy`s Board of Directors and the FIT cannot substantially amend this agreement without notification to the university president. These amendments are not contrary to this section and must be accompanied by legal advice. The Academy is responsible for presenting all changes to the university president within ten days of this change. H.

Reports. TRG provides the Academy with: (1) All information that Academy examiners reasonably request. (2) Reports on the operation of the Academy, the finances and student outcomes at the request of the Academy, the University Board or the State of Michigan. (3) Amount of compensation and ancillary benefits for staff assigned to the School. (4) Further information on the periodic basis allows the Academy to monitor the educational performance of the FIT and the effectiveness of its Academy activities. F. Student recruitment. The FIT and the Academy are jointly responsible for the recruitment of students, subject to the agreement on the general recruitment and admission policy. Registration by or for students is voluntary and in writing.

The selection of students is carried out according to the procedures defined in the Academy`s contract and in accordance with the Code and other applicable laws. B. Educational program. The educational program is defined as follows. The curriculum must be as defined in the Academy`s contract and can be adapted and modified from time to time with the prior approval of the Board of Directors and in connection with the contract amendment procedure introduced by the University Council. The FIT is responsible for the following areas, which are part of the training program: 1. Strategic planning. TRG assists the Academy`s steering committee in the development of strategic plans for the Academy`s ongoing educational and financial benefits.2. Public relations. TRG is working with the Academic Council to develop an ongoing public relations strategy for the development of beneficial and harmonious relationships with other organizations and with the community, which can be implemented jointly by the Academy and its Board of Directors. 3.

Special functions. The services that TRG will offer to the Academy include, but are not limited to the following contracts: D. Sub-contracts. TRG reserves the right to sign all aspects of any other service it intends to provide to the Academy, including, but not limited to transportation, food, payslip and/or computer services, with prior authorization from the Academy`s Board of Directors. FIT cannot outsource the direction, supervision, staff or operation of the teaching and teaching program unless expressly authorized or with the prior approval of the Academy`s Board of Directors. Notwithstanding the above, TRG remains responsible to the Academy for the quality of these services it signs, as well as for the compliance with the contract and the applicable law by these subcontractors. In addition, the Academy does not pay any fees or surcharges for such subcontracting. E.

Unwinding. After the expiry of this agreement after the expiry of the term of the contract and in the absence of renewal or termination of this contract, with or without reason, TRG has the right to recover all exploitable goods or devices (e.g. B copying machines, personal computers) that it made available to the Academy at FIT`s expense and which it did not pay by the Academy, or b) to pay for the payment of such a property. If the Academy decides to acquire such a property, the purchase price is the fair value of this property, which is determined on the effective date of the termination. Building features and transformations are transferred to the property owner. Agreements to provide educational services for services that are not covered by the college`s normal operating budget are fully calculated at indirect costs.