Employee Tablet Agreement

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It is the employee`s responsibility to deliver the equipment to a particular location, according to the Information Technology Office`s notification. 10. In the event that the employee`s employment ends at the college, the worker must return to his supervisor the equipment and all associated periphery items (e.g.B. charging cable and adapter) to his supervisor on a specified date or until the employee`s last working day. If the employee does not return the equipment, the employee may be responsible for the cost of replacing the equipment. The employee must delete all personal data, including password codes, Apple IDs, etc., before returning the devices. 5. The college is not liable or liable to the staff member for losses, damages, claims, costs or costs of any kind, including indirect, special or consecutive damages resulting directly or indirectly from the possession, use, control or operation of the employee`s equipment, including those resulting from insufficient equipment or results or a faulty device or failures or failures. , data loss or interruption of the use of information technology, when these defects are corrected or other repairs or maintenance are carried out.