Eos User Agreement

This agreement does not infringe the rights of the licensee`s consumers under local laws. 6.2 Licensing conditions. If we host software and allow you to access and use this software through websites and services, this agreement applies to that access and use, in addition to all the licensing agreements we can enter into with you. These licensing terms are an agreement between EOS SpA (including EOS) and the licensee. The licensee must read them and examine them carefully. These terms and conditions apply to Eos Spa software, including all other storage media through which it was received. These conditions also apply: some block producers are already clearly breaking the rules of the current Constitution by purchasing votes, but according to EOSNY`s user agreement, they would not be. A printed version of this agreement and any electronic notification is permitted in the context of a judicial or administrative proceeding based on or relating to this agreement, as long as it is subject to the same conditions as other commercial documents and records originally established and kept on paper. The parties expressly wish that this agreement and all related documents be written in English. The EOS New York use agreement deprives the ECAF of the role of sole arbiter and constitutional judge and replaces it with a free market arbitration system (in which ECAF can still participate). She also suggests Block Producer`s self-police. The De Regforum agreement aims to create a database of arbitration forums ready and capable of trading on EOS chain_id 8.1 – It is agreed between the parties that this agreement is governed exclusively by Italian law. 8.2 – All validity disputes, interpretation, performance and termination of this Contract are exclusively referred to the Court of Justice in Bolzano, Italy.8.3 – If certain conditions cannot be applied, the entire contract remains valid and valid in all other points.8.4 – This agreement is considered to be concluded in the event of a violation of a clause as described or if the licensee ceases to use the software or if the licensee ceases to use the licensee software.

, or in the event of termination of the subscription.8.5 – The terms of this contract can only be changed in writing by EOS SpA. They constitute all the agreements concluded between the licensee and EOS SpA with regard to EOS software solutions: the EEA grants contractual freedom on the basis of agreement and free choice. The use of the EOS site is not permitted in a jurisdiction that does not implement all the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, including and without limitation of this paragraph. Compliance with this Agreement by EOS is subject to applicable laws and legal procedures, and nothing included in this Agreement is consistent with EOS law, administrative, judicial and repressive requirements or requirements for your use of the EOS site or the information provided or collected by EOS regarding such use.