Eu Morocco Fisheries Agreement

A revised agreement was signed in November 1995. The financial compensation amounted to 355 million euros, much of which was for the development of the industrial fishing sector, marine research and the training of Moroccan fishermen. For the reasons outlined above, Milano notes that « the VPA may be declared invalid as long as it intends to create international rights with regard to the exploitation of fishing in the waters of Western Sahara. » This would mean that the EU cannot rely on the VPA to apply for fishing licences for the waters of Western Sahara, that Morocco cannot object to the EU complaining about fishing activities in the waters of Western Sahara and that the EU cannot oppose the VPA as a binding authority for a future western Sahara government. [14] Critics of the AGREEMENT ENTRE the EU and Morocco claim that it effectively reinforces Morocco`s claim to the disputed area and undermines the ruling of the EU Court of Justice. Western Sahara Legal Watch has criticised a leak of legal advice that has been presented to some European states to assess the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement in 2018, before the agreement is approved. The current EU-Morocco Partnership Agreement on Sustainable Fisheries came into force on 18 July 2019 and is being tacitly renewed. The first implementation protocol is for a four-year period from July 18, 2019 to July 17, 2023. During the period covered by the agreement, the parties cooperate in monitoring the state of resources in the fishing area. This is why a joint scientific meeting (JSM), made up of scientific experts from the EU and Morocco, will be held every year.

The Joint Committee (JC) consults on the basis of the JSM`s findings and the best available scientific advice. The « EU Sustainable Partnership Agreement » with Morocco has explicitly extended to the waters of Western Sahara, after the European Court of Justice made it clear in four successive judgments since December 2015 that bilateral agreements between the EU and Morocco could not apply to Western Sahara, as the WSLW pointed out. The European Union Parliament has voted in favour of the adoption of the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement, which allows EU fishing vessels to operate in waters off the disputed area of Western Sahara.