Jsls Copyright Transfer Agreement

MANUSCRIPT Please read the full guidelines for authors before filing. Manuscripts that do not comply with the guidelines may be refused or returned to the author for correction before going through the verification process. Authors must also follow JSLS`s ethical policies and procedures. The conclusion of the copyright transfer agreement is necessary to have your manuscript verified. Disclosure of conflicts of interest and sources of financial assistance (see guidelines and ethical procedures) Authors must disclose all financial interests they have on commercial devices, instruments or drugs that are the subject of the article. Financial assistance and relevant conflicts of interest must be disclosed by all authors and assessors. Authors must also disclose whether the discussion of manuscripts includes the use of products for which they are not labelled (i.e. off-label uses). Example of JSLS citation for articles published after July 14, 2014: Xu AA, Zhu JF, Zhang D. Development of a measurement system for individual laparoscopic operation: reliability and reproducibility of the numerical correlation to measure surface deformations in the SILS port. JSLS 2014; July-Sept 18 (3): e2014.00267. DOI: 10.4293/JSLS.2014.00267. Methodology or methodology articles: Methodology articles must represent new advances in method, review or method that are relevant to systematic verification and data synthesis.

The method described may be completely new or offer a better version of an existing method. JSLS uses CrossCheck powered by iThenticate Plagiarism Detection Software, a plagiarism screening service in CrossRef.org (www.crossref.org/crosscheck.html) that verifies the originality of all articles that were submitted before publication. iThenticate reviews all manuscripts at the time of submission against millions of published research articles and billions of web content (www.ithenticate.com). Thetrocar is the online scientific journal of ISGE, International Society for Gynecological Endoscopy. Ethical Authorization: This study was approved by the Samsung Medical Center`s Institutional Review Board (File No. 2019-08-063-002). Examples of reference review: Kavic MS. Three-dimensional ultrasounds. Surg Endosc. 1996:10:74-76. Conclusion: The concluding section should not contain inferences or conclusions that are not explicitly supported by the data provided in the study, although reasonable speculation and reasonable effects on the continuation of the research, when identified as such, may be appropriate. .

Chart and diagram axes and columns must be labeled. use a font without serif. All models used must be different in black and white, even if the figure is reduced in size. The rules (lines) must be thick enough to reproduce at 0.25 points if the image is resized to a width of 3.5 inches. JSLS has joined many other medical magazines that support ICJME`s recommendations (formerly known as « Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals »), including statements on « protecting patients` rights to privacy, » 1 JSLS also supports the review of the CONSORT statement,2 Publication Ethics Committee (1 COPE) Code of Conduct and best guidelines for newspaper publishers,3 the Ethics Resource Centre,4 AMA Guides for Websites,5 and the World Association of Medical Publishers (WAME) Publication Ethics Policies for Medical Journals.6 Results: Results must be presented consistently and should be specifically related to the objectives and methods described above.