Raymond James Passport Agreement

Clients should be aware that only investment fund companies with which Raymond James has a sale agreement can be purchased by Raymond James and are generally limited to fund companies that compensate Raymond James, including, but not only, education and marketing assistance, networking and/or bus costs (see description below). As a result, not all investment funds made available to the public invested will be available to invest in Raymond James and clients should not expect the lowest rate of equity classes to be available through the company. In determining the rationale for the company`s compensation, clients should consider both the explicit fees and the indirect or implied compensation that the entity receives for the equity classes of investment funds in which the client invests. The purpose of this section of this backgrounder is to provide an overview of the types of compensation Raymond James receives with respect to investment funds. Raymond James` client Jyll Brink filed the original complaint against the company in 2015, in which he argued the breach of contract and the negligence of Raymond James for allegedly multiplying the processing fees up to 10 times on the company`s passport accounts – self-controlled accounts where individuals can choose from a large number of investments, including legitimate stocks, bonds, real estate investment funds and investment funds. This backgrounder and information document is divided into two parts and gives you a general summary of the important factors you can consider when evaluating an investment in an investment fund. Part I contains general information about investments in investment funds, including information to help you understand differences in equity categories of investment funds, the costs of investing in an investment fund, and how you are able to reduce some of the transaction costs. Part II contains general information about the compensation received by Raymond James (and your financial advisor) in the context of investment fund transactions. Other services. Raymond James Financial, Inc.`s subsidiaries provide a wide range of financial services to individuals, businesses and municipalities. Raymond James receives compensation for these services. Raymond James can therefore be expected to pursue additional business opportunities with companies whose raymond James investment fund makes available to his financial advisors and their clients. In accordance with industry regulations, these services could include banking and credit services, deferred pension sponsorship, investment banking, securities research, institutional trading services, investment advisory services and investment transactions.

Raymond James professionals who offer investment funds to Raymond James` individual investors, public servants of investment fund companies can set up other services offered by Raymond James. Investors should carefully assess an investment company`s investment objectives, risks, expenses and expenses before investing. Each prospectus contains this and other information about an investment company. Mutual fund prospectuses are available from the investment fund company and your financial advisor and should be carefully read before investing.