Rm3781 Framework Agreement

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Crown Commercial Service (CCS) believes that the first condition of Regulation 72, paragraph 1, point c) is met with respect to the framework agreement. The framework is available for national use by all public bodies in the UK, including, but not limited to, local government – Education for academies, colleges and universities – Fire and rescue services – Police – Devolved Administrations – Health (NHS England, NHS Trusts) – Central Government – Voluntary and Voluntary Organizations (i.e. charities) This framework provides a number of devices and multi-purpose photocopiers. , as well as managed print and content services. We have the world`s leading know-how to help organizations like your businesses increase productivity while reducing printing costs by 30%. And remember – our audit is totally free, and if you`re not sure you`re qualifying for a purchase as part of RM3781, we can advise you. The CCS RM3781 framework was announced in August 2016 to accommodate the multifunctional device (MFD), managed printing services and public sector information management requirements. The two-year framework agreement will be used by public sector organisations, including local and central authorities, as well as NHS organisations to reduce the volume of printing and move more towards digitisation. Find out how other organizations have benefited from the purchase through Purchase Agreements for Crown: This 7-Lot agreement includes printing, scanning, copying and storage devices and services.

It includes multifunctional devices (MFDs) and print management software, as well as managerial printing services, digitization services, workflow integration and consulting. Our data management services include digitization and storage of physical records and new specialized record management services (cataloging, listing, evaluation and selection, and sensitivity verification) that help government agencies verify and select data sets for transfer to filing sites under the Public Records Act. This framework has three lots: Lot 1 – Print Equipment and Entry Level Print Management Software This lot is a single supplier agreement that offers a set of pre-specified devices with customizable options. Customers can also include print management software such as « follow me » printing, all available through a web portal that allows users to purchase or rent devices without the need for more competition.