Saskatchewan Bricklayers Agreement

You can also become a participant if you work part-time, if you work under an agreement acceptable to the directors, in this case you become a participant if you have completed 350 hours of dues for two consecutive years, as long as your salary is at least 35% of the YMPE of the year each year and you have not had a break from service. « YMPE » or « maximum annual pension » is defined by the federal government. For more information on YMPE, see for current and historical YMPE courses. The maintenance industry is quite close across Canada. Employers involved in the interview in one part of the country are generally present in many geographic jurisdictions. LAC regularly deals with these contractors by serving on the Canadian committees of the General Presidents` Committee (GPC) and the National Maintenance Agreement (NMA); and we have not yet heard of a contractor who, because of its inclusion in the definition of construction, is not prepared to provide maintenance work in Saskatchewan. In fact, there is an extremely healthy maintenance industry in the province, with some contracts that last more than twenty (20) years, such as the Husky project in Lloydminster, and for more than forty (40) years, such as IMC potassium (now Mosaic Canada Group of Plant Sites in Belle Plaine, Colonsay and Esterhazy). We are also talking about maintenance contracts in places such as: Saskferco Products Inc., Belle Plaine; akzo Nobel Chemicals Ltd., Saskatoon. The parties agree that the loyalty agreement between Alberta Signatory Local and saskatchewan Signatory Local of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, the Alberta Workers` Association and the Saskatchewan Construction Workers Union, which constitutes the Alberta and Saskatchewan plan mentioned in this article, as well as any changes and amendments to that agreement by reference to that collective agreement. , and that will be part of this collective agreement. for any employer bound by this agreement, as if that employer had executed the trust contract and all the changes.