The Four Agreements Book Set

Don Miguel Ruiz, the voice of knowledge, reminds us of a deep and simple truth: the only way to end our emotional suffering and restore our joie de vivre is to stop believing lies – mainly in ourselves. Based on ancient Tolèque wisdom, this revolutionary book shows us how to regain our faith in the truth and return to our own common sense. In 2001, the book was featured in « O » The Oprah Magazine, where the author had an interview with comedian and TV host Ellen Degeneres about the book. The book was also featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2001 and on the television show Super Soul Sunday in 2013. The book spent more than 2 years on Publisher`s Weekly bestseller list and spent more than a decade on the New York Times bestseller list. [1] Please note that this item is not available for international shipping. Search our website to find book kits that can be shipped internationally. The book was published in California in 1997 by Amber-Allen Publishing. The book has been translated into 46 languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Spanish. [11] An illustrated edition was then published by the same company in 2010 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the book. [12] At Juniper Books, we love creating custom book kits. But we also love boxing kits from many publishers as they are, as is the case for this collection! If you see something on our website that you would like a customized version of, just ask us, we will get in touch with an offer and deadline with you..

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