Uber Hire Agreement Document

Third-party services provided to the notification or on the driver and car owners agree or accident and get? Rodrigues is found here is uber driver and the car agreement is 12 consent to use and disclosure of the information (a) you accept, Linkt provides all the information (including personal data) that you provide to Linkt (or that Thrifty Linkt provides or receives to others purposes) only for the purposes provided for under these conditions (including the exercise of rights or the performance of obligations arising from these related terms), as described in the link confidentiality policy (available in www.linkt.com.au/legal/policies/transurban-privacy-policy) or in the Linkt document on disclosures and consents to share B of these terms. (b) If you are a consumer customer, you accept all information (including personal data) on your Linkt rental account and all information you provide to Linkt, which is transmitted by Linkt to credit agencies, collection agencies or thrifty for authorized purposes (including, but not limited, in cases where you are insolvent). (c) If you are a staff, you accept all information (including personal data) via the Linkt rental account and any information you or the commercial customer provided to Linkt: (i) Credit information services to allow Linkt to determine only your credit note, after the opening date of your Linkt rental account, or at any time after, while your Linkt rental product remains open; (ii) thrifty, including and without limitation of personal data, including the names and names of staff, or to the commercial customer, including for reporting purposes relating to a Linkt rental account; or (iii) credit information services and collection agencies or thrifty if the commercial customer is insolvent. (d) Linkt`s credit information policy can be accessed at www.linkt.com.au/legal/policies/transurban-credit-reporting-policy or you can contact Linkt using The contact information for Part D of these conditions to obtain a copy.