Ucla Data Use Agreement

*geographic subdivisions below a state, including road, city, county, district, postal code and its equivalent geocodes, with the exception of the first three digits of a postal code, if, according to current Census Bureau data, the public provides more than 20,000 people: (1) the geographic unit consisting of the combination of all postal codes and the same initial digits; and (2) the first three digits of a postal code for all such geographic units of 20,000 or fewer are changed to 000. Since limited records may contain identifiable information, they are always PHI. 1 For more information on the UCLA Export Control Policy, visit UCLA Research Policy & Compliance. Must use AWS GovCloud. Contact the data holder of the research office. If only certain identifiers are required, an affected body may provide a limited set of data to a researcher. Unlike anonymously identified data, PHI may include in limited data sets: city, land, postal code, date of birth, date of death or date(s) or service. In the « Restricted recording with a data usage agreement » section, you can see how to use a limited set of data. These principles also apply to the disclosure of IHP to research staff at external institutions. In most cases, scientific data about people in research studies should only be shared with other researchers in a format in which they are exempted from any identifying information.

Anonymized data can be linked to personal identifiers to the use of an alphanumeric code. Do not use the medical record number (or any other customizable element) as part of the code. In most cases, the code key should not be available to other researchers, and in any case, it should be kept securely in search lines, in accordance with UCLA Data Security. A limited data set is a set of identifiable information in which most of the identifiers of the individual, family, employer, and household members of the individual have been removed. Unlike anonymized data, PHI can include in limited records: yes. HIPAA allows the creation of databases for research purposes. A research database may be established without obtaining individual authorisations, but only with an authorisation system authorised by the IRB.