Upper Darby School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

Click on the name of the city to see the list of schools in that city. We listed the 14 schools and their contact information monitored by the Upper Darby School District (UDSD) in the list below. For more information about each school, click on the school link. The table below shows the average pay gap for specialized educators working for the UdSD and surrounding school districts. « I will be proud to support this contract, » said Rachel Mitchell, President of the Upper Darby School Board. « Our great teachers are the heart of Upper Darby schools. This contract benefits our teachers, students and the entire Upper Darby School district. A dispute over whether teachers in the Upper Darby School District are underpaid when union members from Delaware County`s largest school system on Monday rejected an overwhelmingly majority interim contract offer and planned to hold a protest at Tuesday night`s board meeting. Frequent changes in administration lead to new initiatives each year. Some principles go over it just so they can impress senior administrators and create their resumes (and then turn around and leave). Lack of support for students who behave extremely. This, in turn, deprives other students of valuable teaching time.

Precarious and insalubrisd working conditions – mould, infestations, frequent health problems that caused urine to come out of the bathroom, insufficient heating in winter. For everything else, the salary is not worth the stress and health risks. Upper Darby`s union of 960 teachers has been working without a contract since its three-year contract expired in June, although union officials said negotiations had been going on for more than a year until Monday`s vote. Mark Fitzgerald, the district`s labour law expert, said school officials were disappointed that teachers rejected the proposal and were eager to hear from union leaders about the gaps in the contract and return to the negotiating table. Learn more about the average salary details on school administrators and support staff for the Philadelphia area below.