What Is Meant By Amicable Agreement

According to investigators, this dispute was not the subject of an amicable farewell. The Microsoft-Ballmer separation may be the rare case where an amicable divorce makes both parties richer. We were friends in the company, and we let our friendly qualities overflow and spice up our hours of rest and madness. A model dispute settlement clause, often found in domestic commercial contracts, reads as follows: « (1) The parties have agreed that all disagreements relating to this Agreement shall be settled amicably by their representatives. 2. Where an amicable settlement of disputes is not possible, the parties shall apply to the competent courts. Amicable, which derives from the late Latin amicabilis, which means « friendly, » is one of the many English words used to suggest cordial relations. Maintaining friendly relations in a good neighbourly manner implies a willingness to live in good relations with others and to be useful in principle. Friendly neighborhood emphasizes cordiality and often the warmth or intimacy of personal relationships. Friendly advice sought The language of contracts is open to interpretation services when it comes to the implementation of the above-mentioned model dispute resolution clause. Although the meaning of the word « friendly » is clear – friendly, sociable, peaceful – there are many ways to take peaceful steps to resolve disagreements.

And you and the Marquis had better agree with me. I would like to see if we cannot reach an amicable settlement on the complaint I was forced to file. She had probably made 139 of her father believe that it was a friendly conversation that took place behind the closed door.